Survivor Outreach Services


"I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all of your help during this difficult time. You are truly a God send. I know for certain I would not have known the steps to take without the help of the wonderful foundation you created in remembrance of your son. I am in awe of all you do on a daily basis. I am trying my best to handle things one day at a time; one breath at a time."-- A message from a Survivor about Peace Institute

Survivors Outreach Services

Survivors Outreach Services (SOS) offers families emotional and practical support 24-72 hours after a homicide. Our services are free and confidential and are meant to supplement information or services provided by a funeral home, place of worship, victims advocate, trauma response team, mental health providers, bereavement counselors or anyone else that offers support.  

1. Personal understanding and validation.
2. Safe and peaceful meeting place. 
3. Survivors Burial and Resource Guide & a Workbook for Grieving Children.
4. Memorial Peace Buttons & Memorial Funeral Programs.
5. Identify funerals home that will accept the state victim compensation.
6. Victim Compensation Application.
7. Information and referrals. 

Under Massachusetts Law, you are eligible for certain rights and services. However, you must actively pursue these rights and services and you must know how to navigate the many systems as they each have a different protocol for how they do their work.

SOS Advocates work with many stakeholders with a goal of implementing coordinated, consistent, and compassionate responses to better serve you and your family.  

We are here to offer guidance and support in your greatest time of need.  

Call us 617-825-1917.  

Channel 5's 5 for Good features the Peace Institute's work in transforming society's response to homicide.