Intergenerational Justice Program (IJP)


Intergenerational Justice Program (IJP)



The Intergenerational Justice Program (IJP) is a program that emerged from founder Tina Chery’s own family’s experience. After her son Louis was murdered, Tina needed to know who could raise a child that could kill someone?

Tina reached out to the mother of the man convicted of killing Louis. She built a relationship with Doris, who reminded her of herself: a mother who tried her best to raise her son. Tina embraced Doris with silent tears and without judgment; both women had been profoundly affected by the same act of violence.

When it was time for Charles Bogues to be released, Tina and Doris worked to shape the terms of his parole so there was a plan in place for him to reenter the community peacefully. Tina witnessed the complexities of dealing with the criminal justice system from the other side and realized that shame and blame prevents too many families from receiving the support and services they need.

Over the years of serving families of murder victims, we’ve become aware of a pattern. Many homicide victims are killed in the weeks and months after they return home from prison. We're aware that there are often not clear lines between who are survivors and  who are offenders; many families have both experiences.

Family members of murder victims call us when another loved one is arrested. Families trust us and come here when they don’t know where else to turn because we understand the impact murder has on both sides. 

In response to this need, we developed a partnership with SPAN Inc. and VISIONS Inc. so that we can provide coordinated support and guidance to families of murdered victims and families of people arrested and incarcerated for murder in order to create opportunities for healing, reconciliation, and accountability.

IJP fills a major gap in the field with our explicit focus on family engagement and community involvement to address the impact of homicide on both sides. Re-entry programs tend to have a narrow focus on the individual (often younger, often for non-violent offenses) while IJP expands the resources available to people who have been convicted of violent crimes and their families. The focus of IJP is to ensure that all families have what they need to live in peace after a homicide happens.

We are here to support families on both sides of murder who are dealing with the criminal justice system.

Please reach out to if you need support and guidance.